In Person Services Have Been Suspended Until…

 Wednesday, November 4th.

It is out of an abundance of caution that we are going to be suspending our in-person church services until Wednesday, November 4th. 

We will continue to Livestream Via…  Facebook and YouTube.   

Along with that we would like you to…

 Please pray for the Galati Family. 

As most of you know Tracy was to be induced today and have her baby.  However, she tested positive today to Covid19 and they have pushed back the inducing until next week. 

She is feeling fine, but I am sure this is very difficult news to receive. 

Please pray for Tracy, Steve, the baby and the rest of their family during this difficult time.


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Other Important Prayer Requests:

Sister Coiner has just been diagnosed with Cancer, Please Pray for Her and Her Family.

Brother Thorns wife (Karen), is having her heart shocked to get it back in Rhythm. Please Pray for her heart to become stronger.

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